Past Activities

1st Test Training Course @ ASHA Centre
1st Team Meeting

Test Training Courses

The purpose of the training courses within this project is that they aid the development of the Competence Framework (CF) and the educational guidelines (EGs). Two Training Courses will be organised throughout the project to test and improve the CF and EGs. The courses are organised for 20 youth workers, trainers and educators working on peace education by non-formal education in the youth sector from the partner countries. It is expected that the feedback and evaluation of the CF will help to fine-tune it and make it usable for educators in Europe and beyond. The CF will also be integrated into the monitoring and evaluation process of the learner`s competence development in peace education.

1st Test Training Course at the ASHA Centre, UK

1st – 9th September 2015


Transnational Meetings

The Transnational Meetings (TMs) – of which there are six – aim to support the development of the Competence Framework. During these, the research team discuss their findings, plan up-coming tasks and define the Competence Framework and the educational guidelines. The project meetings are held in the partner countries to allow an understanding of partner expertise and experiences as well as approaches and methodologies in the field of non-formal education for youth and of peace education.

A more detailed description of each of the past transnational meetings can be found below.

Final Researchers Meeting in Den Haag, Netherlands

22nd – 26th February 2016



Mid-term Meeting in Riga, Latvia

26th – 29th October 2015



2nd Researchers Meeting in Istanbul, Turkey

15th – 19th June 2015      



1st Researchers Meeting at the ASHA Centre, UK

14th – 17th February 2015  



Kick-off Meeting at the ASHA Centre, UK

7th – 10th December 2014